CBD For Soccer: Cannabidiol On The Pitch

CBD For Soccer: Cannabidiol On The Pitch - NanoCraft

CBD continues to take the sporting world by storm with its potential medicinal and therapeutic properties. In this article, we are going to be exploring the use of CBD for soccer. How can CBD help amateur and professional soccer players to perform? 

Do you have the finish of Lionel Messi or the speed of Cristiano Ronaldo? To make an impact and be an effective threat on the pitch, your body needs to be ready to perform. Soccer is a competitive sport. To make it onto the starting eleven, you must strive to be exceptional. 

Is CBD on the WADA list? 

Last year, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD (cannabidiol) from their latest list of prohibited substances, stating that “all natural and synthetic cannabinoids are prohibited except cannabidiol,” including cannabinoids such THC which has psychoactive properties. This is major news!

Sometime before this, the FIFA World Cup Committee, recognizing the chemical compound’s potential medicinal and therapeutic value, allowed professional soccer players participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup to use it at their discretion. This sent a powerful message across the sporting community. 

What physical challenges can a soccer player face on the pitch? 

Professional soccer players put their bodies through a considerable amount of physical strain in a season. Teams can find themselves playing matches every single week. On some occasions, they will play two or even three matches a week, if they’re involved in cup matches or international tournaments. 

Soccer is a fast-paced sport. When you’re spending 90 minutes on a pitch every week, it can feel like an endurance test. Whilst this time is split into two halves, it still demands a great deal of stamina to dodge the dreaded prospect of getting substituted. 

How do soccer players get injured? 

It’s no surprise that soccer players are always getting injured. Despite the thrill of the game, its intensity can easily lead to strain and fatigue. The University of Edinburgh completed a study into the most common types of injuries that professional soccer players are prone to. 

In their research, the University of Edinburgh found that the ankle joint (29.5%), knee joint (19.7%) and the thigh (12.0%) incurred more injuries than all other body locations. The most common type of injury was a sprain (36.8%) followed by a muscle strain injury (23.1%). 

What is CBD? 

CBD is one of more than 100 chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, extracted from cannabis plants, including the hemp plant and marijuana plant. This particular chemical compound has been attracting attention in the wellness industry, with various scientific studies confirming it may help to treat a range of conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety. 


At Nanocraft CBD, all of our recovery products are made using broad-spectrum hemp oil. This means that we utilize a range of different cannabinoids, with the exception of THC, to deliver the ‘entourage effect’ and maximize the therapeutic benefits of consumption. Just for firm measure, 0.00% THC.

Does CBD affect athletic performance? 

The physical stress of a soccer match can lead to increased oxidative damage. Too much oxidative damage can harm a player’s performance, resulting in slow 

recovery times and generate mental and physical fatigue. Fortunately, CBD may have the potential to combat oxidative damage

CBD also has the potential to fight inflammation. Many people choose to treat inflammation with over-the-counter drugs, such as Ibuprofen. However, long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can actually be damaging to your health. CBD is the perfect alternative to these. 

CBD has the ability to create an anxiolytic effect in your body during stressful situations - resulting in a potential decrease in anxiety levels. 

CBD Muscle & Joint Stick for Ankle & Knee Joint Injuries 

In comparison to football or rugby, soccer certainly isn’t a dangerous sport. However, you can still pick up plenty of painful injuries on the pitch. As we discovered earlier, from academic research, ankle and knee joint injuries are all too common in this sport. 

It’s isn’t really that surprising. For instance, if you are in an attacking position, defenders are going to do everything in their power to prevent you from getting the ball into the back of the net and this usually involved a swiping tackle - taking the ball out of your control. 

Nanocraft’s 250-milligram CBD muscle and joint stick can be used to instantly treat ankle and knee joint injuries, providing a sense of calm and wellbeing during times of recovery whilst targeting the pain in your legs. The stick can be applied to your skin in the same way you would use deodorant - it’s that simple! Alternatively, CBD sports cream with cooling effect can also help soothing the pain.

CBD Oil Pure Formula for Muscle Sprain Injuries 

When you’re spending 90-minutes darting from one end of a pitch to another, your muscles are going to get challenged and potentially sprained if you haven’t done the appropriate exercises beforehand. You’re putting a lot of pressure on your legs, but there are CBD products available to help combat this. 


Nanocraft’s CBD Oil PURE Formula is perfect for those who are dedicated to the typical benefits of CBD. If you have sore muscles and tight joints, this oil can help to promote a sense of calmness whilst also aiding recovery. This CBD oil comes with a refreshing taste of ginger citrus with absolutely no additives. 

We hope you found this article on CBD for soccer useful. Whether you’re an amateur or professional soccer player, you must ensure that you have strategies in place to effectively treat injuries from the beautiful game

Are you ready to get on the road to recovery? Start exploring our wide range of CBD topicals and other products today! 

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