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CBD Topicals

These are cannabis-infused products that you apply directly to the skin. Once applied to the skin, this allows for the cannabinoids to slowly be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Topicals can include creams, salves, balms, lotions, and oils (just to name a few) and are often made with organic materials and essential oils. 

Hemp-Derived CBD Topicals For Sale

CBD is available in numerous forms, most of which are ingested. For instance, it comes in oils and capsules, etc. However, when it comes to targeting specific areas or regions on the body, sometimes the oils and capsules may not give you the directed sites relief you are wanting to address. Here’s where topical hemp products come into play - you can apply a hemp product directly to the area of the body that you are wanting to address. 

We incorporate our cannabidiol-rich formula into each of our selected topical products, setting us apart from our competitors. Extracted from only the highest-quality hemp, our products are made of all-natural calming herbs and soothing essential oils. Taking the time to ensure our topicals products are consistent and of the highest quality, allows our customers to take full advantage of the cannabidiol benefits. 

How Do I Use Topical Products

When eating a CBD edible or taking a few tincture drops of our oils, you are directly ingesting cannabidiol into your system. However, with topical products, the process is slightly different. When using a it, you are applying it directly to the source or specific area, for a rapid and quick effect. 

In most instances, customers apply our CBD topical salve, cream, or stick to their knees, elbows, wrists, or other areas (usually near areas where joints are located). These products may be used on a daily basis and may even be a preferred option for some customers. Whether you decide to try a salve or tincture oil, Nanocraft always puts quality over quantity to ensure that you’re receiving only the best of the best on the market.   

Differences Between CBD Topical Salves and Creams

Is there a difference? Don’t they both go directly on the skin? Well, ‘CBD salve stick’ and ‘CBD cream’ are often used and heard interchangeably. A ‘topical’ can be anything you apply directly to the skin rather than ingesting in different forms. For instance, our Muscle & Joint Salve Stick can be applied as easy as putting on your daily deodorant. It comes in a deodorant-like delivery system that allows for easy usage without the mess of other methods. A few quick swipes to the affected area to assist with a sense of calm and well-being during your times of recovery.

On the other hand, our Nanocraft Cooling Sports Cream can be applied much like a lotion. A small push down of the cream handle and you’ll have a dollop of our cooling sports cream along with menthol and arnica to help provide a cooling effect, perfect for your sore muscles and joints. 

The complete NanocraftCBD (NCBD) range of cream, lotion, and topical products are designed to be applied to the skin. So whether you are wanting a salve stick application to cleanly go on your sore muscles and joints or a cooling cream on directly onto your hands to massage into your affected areas for your choosing, you can count on Nanocraft to provide the same quality of cannabinoids, terpenes, and benefit essential oils, each time, every time, in every product. 

Are Hemp Lotions And Creams Different From Cannabidiol Based Ones?

 Cannabis-infused topicals - creams, lotions, salves, oils, etc. for skin application are exciting options for individuals interested in cannabis’ therapeutic potential without “getting high”. 

Topicals infused with extracts from the cannabis plant can include CBD, THC, or any of the 100+ cannabinoids for that matter. So what’s the difference between a hemp salve and a  cannabidiol salve? Well, they are two varieties of the same plant. 

Hemp seed oil is a common ingredient in a wide array of products (beauty products, oil, hemp extract, etc). Since the hemp plant does contain CBD, many individuals assume that hemp seed oil does too. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Hemp seed oil has its own benefits yes, but it doesn’t contain meaningful levels of cannabidiol.

Nanocraft salves are fast-acting remedies that are made with simple ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil, as well as fatty oils and CBD. 

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