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Action Sports Personality

Encinitas, California

Chris Coté is a multi-media action sports personality. As a youngster, he surfed his way from amateur to professional competing on the USA circuit as well as internationally. In 1999 he aided in the start of TransWorld SURF Magazine and became Editor In Chief in 2005—2013. Along the way, he's worked as a television host, commentator, DJ, roadie, and is now producing, writing, and consulting for various media entities and brands including NBC, ESPN, FUEL TV, Vans, Red Bull, Volcom, World Surf League, Dew Tour, Grind TV, Yew Media, and many more. Currently, Chris is a Play-X-Play specialist for the Vans Park Series, as well as selected World Surf League events, and Red Bull Skate and surf broadcasts, Dew Tour Skate, Ski and Snow Broadcasts for NBC, and annual events including the Moto Beach Classic, Switchfoot BroAm, Vans Triple Crown Of Surf, and the Vans US Open Of Surfing. Between events, Chris hosts the wildly popular, Monday M.A.S.S. Podcast (one of the world’s leading action sports podcasts). Chris is known as one of the only Play-By-Play/Show Hosts who can handle the business of hosting surf, skate, and snow broadcasts with equal knowledge and credibility in all three arenas. Every morning, Chris drops the Nanocraft Day Formula straight into his coffee. In the afternoon he crushes a surf, skate, or stair run fueled by the Energy and Recovery Formula. As the day winds down, he mixes the Night drops into his evening tea.