Where to Purchase High-Quality CBD Oil?

Where to Purchase High-Quality CBD Oil? - NanoCraft

Cannabis and the medicinal products extracted from it are becoming more easily accessible, but where can the highest quality CBD oil products be purchased?

The cannabis industry is currently experiencing massive growth, with more and more states in the U.S. legalizing its recreational and medicinal use and Canada's upcoming federal legalization of recreational marijuana. An increasing number of companies are popping up all over the place, growing their cannabis and extracting potent cannabinoids from it.

More specifically, one of the cannabinoid compounds showing incredible promise is already available in the country: cannabidiol (CBD). This particular cannabinoid has stood out thanks to the plethora of medicinal applications that users can benefit from.

CBD is an awesome medicinal and health supplement that can treat anything from anxiety, to pain, to insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder and beyond. So unbelievable are the therapeutic effects of CBD that the demand has skyrocketed over the past few years and it has triggered a wave of incredible growth in the CBD industry.

But as easy as it is to obtain pure CBD oil, how do you know you're getting a quality product?

Unfortunately, the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, and as such, it's very possible to obtain a low-quality product if you're not careful. As the industry continues to boom and demand continues to surge, more and more non-trustworthy CBD brands and  manufacturers have made their way into this realm.

Many manufacturers are producing and selling CBD oil, but not all of them are selling a quality product. Many variables come into play that influences the quality of the product they sell, which puts the ball in your court when it comes to researching the best CBD oil you can get.

Here are some considerations to make before purchasing pure CBD oil.

The Manufacturer

With more and more CBD oil manufacturers entering the market, it's imperative for consumers to do their homework before making a purchase. Reputable manufacturers use high-quality plants that have been grown in ideal environments and in healthy soil and also use sophisticated extraction methods to ensure an excellent product.

However, many other manufacturers extract CBD using cheaper and less effective methods and often obtain CBD from low-quality cannabis plants. What they end up with is a CBD oil that's low in CBD, potentially high in THC, and may even come with other trace elements that induce adverse side effects.

Before making a purchase, it's in your best interests to scope out the manufacturer you're buying from to ensure that they have plenty of experience and a good track record for creating good-quality Cannabidiol oil.

The Plant

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant but the actual plant itself makes a difference in the quality of CBD oil. Like any other type of plant, hemp absorbs whatever is in the soil, and as such, the quality of the soil is an essential component in the overall quality of the hemp plant and the CBD oil that’s extracted.

Ideally, the soil should be rich in nutrients and void of any toxins. Unfortunately, some hemp crops are grown in soil that is littered with toxins, which is absorbed by the plant and subsequently make their way into the extracted CBD oil.

When this happens, anyone who consumes the Cannabidiol oil can experience some negative side effects, which can be more of an issue for those who are at a greater risk of experiencing adverse reactions to the presence of toxins.

Consumers are encouraged to find out where manufacturers obtain their hemp plants from, which can help them get a better idea of the quality of the plant and the extracted CBD oil.

Ideally, the hemp plants used to extract CBD oil should be based in the U.S. American hemp CBD farmers are required to be state-certified, which makes their hemp CBD plants more likely to be of higher quality as a result. Such information can be obtained from manufacturers' websites or from representatives from the company as well.

Extraction Method

Not only is the quality of the plant itself essential in creating a high-quality CBD oil, so is the extraction method. There are several different methods that manufacturers can employ to extract CBD from the hemp plant, and some are better than others.

For instance, some methods - such as the solvent extraction method - are cheaper to administer, but may leave behind residues and other compounds which can cause negative side effects such as lung irritation. This method also risks the destruction of healthy plant waxes during the extraction process, leaving behind a lower-quality CBD oil.

Other extraction methods - such as the CO2 extraction method - may be more expensive, but they use more sophisticated equipment that results in a pure and potent CBD oil that does not contain any of the potentially harmful toxins that may be left behind with other methods of extraction.

It's a good idea to investigate the type of extraction method that the manufacturer uses to obtain the CBD oil before making a purchase.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil?

You can buy CBD oil from brick-and-mortar retail stores, dispensaries, and online shops.  But since there are no federal regulations surrounding the manufacturing and distribution of hemp-derived CBD oil, you never know what you're buying unless you take steps to investigate where the CBD oil is coming from. To make a more informed purchasing decision, be sure to do your homework on the products that are out there and the manufacturers who develop them.

NanoCraft CBD is a reputable CBD oil manufacturer that creates high-quality CBD products using state-of-the-art extraction methods and high-quality hemp plants. If you're looking to buy a solid CBD oil product, NanoCraft CBD offers a wide array of products that can provide you with the effects you're looking for while protecting your overall health and well-being.

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