How to Buy CBD Oil (A Guide)

How to Buy CBD Oil (A Guide) - NanoCraft

By now, you've likely heard about the health benefits of CBD oil and are considering making a purchase. Whatever your reason for wanting to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle, there are plenty of CBD products available to suit your lifestyle.

That said, not all CBD oil products are created equal. Like any other types of goods for purchase, you'll want to do a little homework on the products first before you buy CBD oil.

To help you navigate the waters of CBD oil supplements, there are specific things that you should know in order to make a sound purchasing decision.

Understanding CBD Content

Among the more important and obvious factors when it comes to choosing the right CBD oil product is the actual CBD content itself. Different products will have varying levels of CBD, but it is still helpful to know exactly how much CBD you're consuming.

Be sure to check the product for CBD quantity. Its concentration is also a crucial factor to consider. The specific concentration that you choose will depend on how the amount of CBD that you want to take.

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Different CBD Product Types

CBD oil comes in various forms, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to take it. Each CBD oil product differs in terms of ease of use, concentrations, taste and speed of effect. Here are a few of the variations on the the market:

  • Capsules: these dissolving capsules are taken just like conventional pills. They have no smell or taste, a bonus for those who have a sensitive palette. The downside to CBD capsules is that there are some limitations in terms of adjusting your dosage because you're restricted to the size of the capsule.
  • Tinctures: CBD tinctures are versatile. They come in all sorts of different flavors and potency. The biggest benefit of tinctures is that the dosage can be adjusted even to the smallest degree. CBD tinctures are placed sublingually (under the tongue) and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, meaning they take effect much faster than most other forms of CBD products.
  • Topicals: CBD also comes in lotions, balms and cream forms that can be applied on the skin to target specific areas of the body to alleviate pain, inflammation or stiffness. They're easy to apply and absorb through the skin. Many people with joint and muscle pain from injury or degenerative diseases like arthritis use CBD topicals to seek relief. Topicals take longer to feel the effects and are typically more expensive than other types of CBD products.
  • Vaporizers: vaping helps CBD take effect quickly in the body by way of the bloodstream, and involves users inhaling the CBD oil. Vaporizers require CBD cartridges that house the CBD oil. You refill as needed. The CBD oil is created so that it vaporizes into a form that is easily inhaled. Since no smoke is actually produced, vaping CBD is actually considered a safe method of use for the mouth, throat and lungs.
  • Oils: the most potent and purest form of CBD is oil. It tends to be more concentrated and has the highest CBD quantity compared to other forms of CBD. They come in a number of different strengths and can be mixed with food to make consumption easier.

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Extraction Method Affects Quality

Another factor to consider before buying CBD oil is how it is extracted from the hemp plant. There are several methods of extraction, some better and safer than others. Here are the more common CBD oil extraction methods.

  • CO2 extraction: this method is considered superior to others because it results in a pure product that is void of any harmful residues. Carbon dioxide is used under high pressure and very low temperatures in order to isolate and maintain the oil's purity. The machines involved in this extraction method freeze the gas and compress it into a cold liquid state. Although the CO2 method creates a pure CBD oil product, it also requires expensive and sophisticated equipment. It also requires plenty of experience on the part of the technicians behind the oil extraction. For this reason, CBD oil produced from the CO2 extraction method tends to be more expensive.
  • Solvent extraction: this method of CBD oil extraction is less expensive than the aforementioned extraction method. It involves the use of ethanol (a low-grade alcohol) and butane that the plant is soaked in. It is then heated, and the CBD oil product is left behind as the solvent evaporates. While this method is easier and less expensive, it also destroys healthy plant waxes and leaves behind chlorophyll that can cause certain negative side effects in users. However, the chlorophyll can be removed by filtering the extract, but the potency of the oil will be compromised as a result. Butane typically results in a more potent oil, but it is often leaves behind residues that can be irritating to the lungs.
  • Dry ice extraction: this extraction method is rather simple and does not require any specialized equipment. Note that the experience of the extractor can influence the quality of the CBD oil that is produced.
  • Olive oil extraction: olive oil can also be used to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. This method is safe and affordable. However, the CBD oil extracted does not come in highly concentrated forms, meaning a large quantity will need to be consumed in order to reap any of its benefits.

While there are plenty of extraction methods used to create a potent CBD oil product, you may want to consider using a product that has been extracted using CO2. Although the product might be pricier than others, the product is typically more pure, potent and safe to consume.

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Manufacturer Matters for a High-Quality Product

The manufacturer that produces the CBD oil is another important factor to consider. The number of CBD oil manufacturers is increasing, making it more important for consumers to do research before buying. While some manufacturers make use of high-quality plants and use sophisticated extraction methods to create their CBD oil, others take the cheap way and inevitably wind up with a sub-par product.

Before buying CBD oil, be sure to look into the manufacturer to make sure they are reputable, experienced and transparent about their products.

CBD oil certainly offers a number of health benefits for individuals. But because the CBD market still remains somewhat unregulated, it's not uncommon to find low-quality CBD oil products. As such, it's your job as the user to be educated on how CBD oil is created and what to look for in manufactured products.

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