Adding CBD to Post-Workout Recipes

Adding CBD to Post-Workout Recipes - NanoCraft

After a vigorous workout, the body needs to replenish the fuel that was expelled. This is why it's recommended that a post-workout meal should be consumed shortly after exercising.

Muscle fibers are also torn to a degree and need to be repaired after a workout—another reason why post-workout nutrition is important.

But the type of meal consumed and the ingredients that are added make all the difference in how well and quickly the body is able to bounce back to pre-workout energy levels.

While pre-workout treats like fruit and protein smoothies are great for providing that much-needed energy before intense training, the post-workout meal is what the body really needs to replenish the stores of minerals that were depleted during the workout. And adding a dose of CBD hemp oil can give your post-workout meal exactly what it needs to give your body a boost.

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Why Add CBD to Your Post-Workout Meals?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the main compounds found in cannabis, and has several potential post-workout benefits including the following:

Reducing Pain

Intense training has been known to induce a certain level of pain, whether from overuse of the muscles and joints or from injury from activity.

CBD oil has been found to alleviate pain in muscles and joints, and adding it to post-workout recipes can help reduce this pain and minimize the time needed to rest in between workouts as a result.

Studies have continued to show that CBD can be effectively used to lessen pain and help people manage their discomfort, whether from physical activity or from diseases such as arthritis. Muscle soreness is a given after hard training, but ignoring such pain and soreness can impede other daily activities.

Rather than reaching for prescription or over-the-counter medications like NSAIDs to alleviate pain, CBD can be a healthy replacement to deal with muscle soreness and long-term inflammation without additional side effects that may occur as a result of synthetic medications.

Reducing Inflammation

CBD can help speed up recovery after an intense workout because of its anti-inflammatory effects. There is some science to back up the effects that CBD can have on inflammation on a cellular level. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a common side effect of muscle damage caused by vigorous exercise, and one of the most widely accepted theories for such a phenomenon is the result of irritation of pain receptors due to the chemical changes that occur during inflammation caused by exercise.

Cannabinoids like CBD are believed to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents because they slow down the proliferation of specific types of cells that play a key role in inflammation. They are therefore able to suppress the production of cytokines, molecules that signal the inflammatory response.

Improving Sleep

In order to muster up enough energy to have a good workout, it's important to get enough quality sleep. Without proper sleep, the body isn't able to regenerate after the previous day's activity, meaning a poor workout the next day due to lower energy levels.

CBD can help improve sleep, which can give you the energy to supercharge your workout. Further, rest is key to optimal recovery from a workout and getting the body ready for the next one. Without adequate sleep, the body will not be able to heal properly and quickly enough to be prepared for the following workout that can compromise the workout and its effects.

A small amount of CBD can help the body achieve a more restful sleep and allow the muscles to repair and grow properly.

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Adding CBD to Your Post-Workout Recipes

CBD comes in many forms and product types, making it a very versatile product to be used for a variety of purposes, including post-workout recovery. Many exercises and athletes often choose topical CBD creams to help them specifically target areas on the body where they may be experiencing pain or soreness. These topicals can offer pain relief right at the site of discomfort.

CBD can also be taken by vaping. This involves the use of a vape pen that can be used to inhale the CBD. Alternatively, CBD oil can be taken directly under the tongue to achieve almost immediate effects of the cannabidiol. This method of consumption will allow the CBD to bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream directly.

But CBD can also be added to your post-workout meals. A post-workout meal should already be a part of your workout regimen, and adding CBD to the mix can give this meal an added boost that will provide the body with what it needs to quickly recover from a rigorous workout.

Whether your post-workout recipe of choice is a protein shake or a bowl of oatmeal, adding CBD is easy. Simply add your desired amount of CBD to your recipe and consume as normal. This method of CBD consumption makes it easy to adjust your dosage and allow for a more effective and speedy post-workout recovery.

CBD products have become extremely popular in the world of medicine to help alleviate many symptoms associated with various diseases and ailments, but the cannabinoid has many more uses. Athletes and avid exercisers can also use CBD as part of their overall workout regiment, whether to boost alertness needed to ensure an effective workout, get proper sleep after a workout, or reduce pain and inflammation caused by intense training.

While CBD comes in many forms for simple and effective consumption, you can also add it to your favorite post-workout recipes to benefit from its effects.

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