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Sheldon Paishon

Professional Surfer



West Side of O'ahu, HI

Sheldon Paishon is from the West Side of O'ahu. He grew up surfing on all the shores of the Waianae Coast, but his number one spot was Makaha Beach. One of his greatest accomplishments in his surfing career is getting sponsors from such awesome companies like Nanocraft and Ripcurl. Also, winning his first pro contest in Tahiti was a huge boost for him. 

He says “losing is a part of the game, but it makes you hungrier and want to win even more”. He is stoked to be a part of the Nanocraft team because believes in the products and that they definitely help him get through his everyday routine.

His favorite products are the CBD Pain Stick, CBD Night Time Oil, and the CBD Super Food Green Powder Supplement. The pain stick helps with his sore muscles after he trains and surfs. The night time drops help him get the sleep he needs to recover for the next day. And in the morning he uses the Super Food Supplement to get his day going.