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How to Use CBD Isolate - NanoCraft

With the rising popularity of everything CBD, the isolate form is something you may have recently heard of. Or maybe you haven’t...yet.  

If you try and keep up with the newest and truest in the holistic health realm, then you’ve probably heard about the non-psychoactive component of cannabis wave comin’ through.

Whether you and your friend were just conversing about it over coffee or your mom sent you a pic of a CBD product at the local grocery store asking if you’ve heard about it or simply seeing an ad pop up on your Instagram feed, cannabidiol has crossed around or into your world at one point or another, most likely. 

In today’s article, we’ll be talking about all things cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, and specifically CBD isolate and how to use it. 

If you’ve got questions, I hope this article will help guide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Ready or not, let’s get to da goodness!


First and foremost, isolate, by definition, can be described as “a thing or person that becomes or has been isolated”. 

Cannabidiol isolate is exactly what it sounds like - a crystallized, pure powder that is 99% pure cannabidiol. Thus, this isolate form only contains cannabidiol - no flavonoids, no terpenes, no other phytocannabinoids. All of the components in the hemp plant, including chlorophyll, waxes, and oils, etc., are removed from the final product, creating a pure cannabidiol isolate.   


To first derive the cannabidiol (CBD) out of the hemp plant, it must go through an extra extraction process. These extraction methods have developed a long way in the last few years, with state-of-the-art extraction processes now being mainstream in one of the most popular markets in existence. Whoa. 



This extraction process starts out just like other extraction processes that make other forms of cannabidiols. However, this purification process includes filtration - all plant materials are filtered out of the extraction.

Following this process, the extracted oil goes through another process that removes any extra plant materials or waxes that were still present, often referred to as “winterization”. Aka, it’s basically a solution that washes and soaks the endocannabinoids extract in alcohol and freezes it. This process is key to ensure that the pure CBD can separate from all other residual products that may be remaining in the oil. 

After this “winterization”, the extract goes through multiple rounds of rotary evaporation to ensure that any remaining residual materials are extracted from the winterized oil. This extraction process decarboxylates and converts the extract into a crystalline powder form, using a proprietary processing technique. 

Once this is done, you’re left with a fine, pure, and crystallized cannabidiol. 


That’s right, THC-free. 0% THC. Zip. Zap. Nada. 


One of the main reasons CBD isolate has become so popular is because it contains no THC, the cannabis component that “gets you high” or “stoned”. 


Many individuals are under the impression that CBD doesn’t contain any amount of THC, however, there are still some trace amounts in many full-spectrum products. As long as there is less than 0.3% THC, full-spectrum can be sold legally. While this small trace amount of THC isn’t enough to cause euphoric feelings, there is a slight chance that it will show up in a person’s system. 

Thus, the isolate is a great option for anyone who may be sensitive to even small amounts of THC. In addition, if someone’s occupation requires drug testing for THC, this form may be the way to go since it is 99% pure CBD. 


Now that you’ve got some crystallized isolate in your hands, you may be wondering, “what do I do with this tasteless white powder?” The answer may seem shocking, but you can basically do anything you want with it. 

Don’t be fooled by the powder form, it works just as well as other forms of cannabidiol. 

This pure cannabinoid is easy to use and is one of the most versatile forms of CBD you may find. 

Since it does not have any odor or taste, you can use it in a wide array of ways. Here’s some of my favorite (and easy) ways to get your daily dose of CBD isolate:


By far, my favorite way of using the isolate is by putting it directly into my coffee. Yep, you read that right. 


I’m a java junkie, a coffee connoisseur, a caffeine crazy - you get the point. By simply stirring it into your regular cup of jo in the morning (or any time for that matter) and mixing it in well, you’re set up for a delish sip every time.
For those of you who are more into tea, you can also add your desired amount of isolate into your hot tea, stir well, and enjoy the beautiful benefits it brings


Speaking of delicious, CBD isolate can be used to make your own sweetener.
Our favorite way is to blend it with organic honey or stir it into splenda or stevia.
Also, you can add the isolate to your syrup to drizzle over your waffles, french toast, or pancakes. Yum!


Speaking of original masterpieces and creations, if you’re into edible forms of cannabidiol or you just like to explore in the kitchen, adding CBD isolate to your pantry can be just what your new recipe needs. Stir it into soups, stir-fries, sauces, salad dressings, blend it in the protein powder pancakes, or even just sprinkle it onto your favorite salad. Just measure out your desired amount of the isolate powder and add it to whatever dish you’re choosing to whip up! Do note, be careful not to heat up the isolate too much, it may lose its potency. Carry on. 


Let’s get crafty. Well, sort of. Making your own CBD topicals can be a fun way to use your isolate powder. Known to provide effective, localized effects, topicals are a wonderful way to support healthy muscles and joints. There are hundreds of resources online that can guide you through how to make your own cannabidiol-infused topicals.

So whether you prefer a lotion, cream, or salve,  this powdered isolate can be a great addition for anything you are wanting to create. 


Again, if you’re a cooking guru or just wanting to spice things up for dinner, CBD-infused meals are a solid move. Personally, I love adding the isolate to pasta dishes, somewhat like I would add salt to a dish. 

Anyhoo, if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try! Check out our tips on cooking with CBD oil to get started.


Why, yes - your felines and canines can benefit too! CBD isn’t just beneficial for us humans, your fur babies can reap the goodness too!













 In fact, CBD for pets is becoming more and more common now-a-days. Why not give your fur child a homemade treat filled with all the love?! CBD isolate can be added to any pet treat and it may help boost their quality of life too! 




 If you are wanting a touch more of excitement in your post-workout shake or morning juice, add CBD isolate.

Measure out the exact serving want and shake or stir it into your blend with your other ingredients. 




Wanting the easiest option possible? Well, look no further - just place the isolate into your mouth to dissolve. Boom. This method works just like taking the tincture form of CBD. Isolates are tasteless and odorless, easy, peezy, lemon-squeezy.

If you choose to place it in your mouth, we recommend placing it directly under your tongue. Hold it there for about 60 seconds or so. It will be delivered directly to the bloodstream via the mucous membranes, providing you the relief you desire. 


Whether you’re new to the cannabidiol or cannabis industry or are a familiar face with these natural herbs, you may still wonder where exactly you can find and purchase CBD in isolate form. Do dispensaries carry it? Can I order it online?


The internet can be a dangerous and helpful place, all at the same time. You open up your browser, you Google search ‘Where can I purchase CBD isolate’, and bam - 5 million results pop up (quite literally). Pages and pages of results and websites to click on and choose from. So where do you click? Which company is better than the other? How do you know where to start? 

The perks of using the internet to navigate isolate forms and various cannabidiol companies is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. No need to ask strangers questions about the products, you can simply type it out. But, be aware that not all products are equal. Not every company provides the same quality control, lab testing, and product descriptions as one another. So, just because one isolate is cheaper than the other, doesn’t mean it will be better or stronger. 


Besides shopping online, you can find isolate in retail shops or over-the-counter places like Sprouts, Whole Foods, gyms, nutrition stores, and other similar holistic and natural markets. The advantage here? Seeing the products before you purchase them. You can also ask questions to better clarify what you don’t understand. You also can look at other products that you may be interested in and learn more about others that you may need. 

Ask about third-party lab test results. Some companies may take advantage of products and may not put much CBD in their products. 


In states where the use of CBD is legal, there are medical cannabis dispensaries who offer cannabinoid-rich products. In this instance, a medical doctor must certify patients before they can purchase any CBD products. The dispensaries must meet the standards set by the state law. The state typically conducts background checks on the dispensary owner(s) as well as the staff working there. In the same instance, licensing guidelines must be met too. The products found at dispensaries should be tested for safety. 


Now that you’ve got a glimpse into what cannabidiol isolate is and how you can use it, you’re one step closer to making your decision about wanting to try this amazing herb. Whether you’re new to CBD or are just wanting to try a different form, isolate is a great option! If you’re wanting a creative avenue for cooking, wanting to spice up your doggo’s homemade treats next week, or you’re looking to add an all-natural ingredient to your smoothie, isolate can be your new best friend!

We recommend doing your homework before purchasing any products. Ask about third-party lab testing. Look into the ranging prices and what the internet claims these products have. It’s better to be safe than sorry here, know what you’re getting into first, the future you will thank you. 

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