Eating Healthier: Tips on Cooking with CBD Oil

Eating Healthier: Tips on Cooking with CBD Oil - NanoCraft

Relieving pain, improving sleep and reducing the frequency and severity of seizures are only some of the amazing effects that CBD oil can have on the human body. This helpful hemp-derived cannabinoid can be used for simpler things aspects of our lives that includes cooking.

In fact, CBD oil can be used in place of traditional cooking oils, especially for those users who are looking to eat healthier.

There are plenty of steps that can be taken to cook healthier meals and one trend that is increasing in popularity is CBD oil which is made from a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. More studies continue to be focused on CBD and its properties, as well as its effect on helping to alleviate symptoms of several serious medical disorders.

So far, researchers have found CBD infused oil to have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties, which is why an increasing number of people are incorporating the cannabinoid into their daily regimen. People are taking it to relieve their pain, decrease inflammation, get better sleep, increase mental clarity, alleviate nausea and even improve their heart health — CBD truly is a remarkable compound.

Not only can you experience the healing effects of CBD through tinctures and topicals, you can also infuse your food with CBD oil by using it as a cooking oil. More people are adding CBD oil to their recipes in place of traditional vegetable or olive oils. You really can get quite creative with your recipes and how to incorporate CBD oil into them. Before you start whipping up your next favorite dish using CBD oil, consider the following tips below:

Tips on Cooking With CBD Oil

While cooking and baking with CBD oil isn't difficult, it can be a bit challenging on your first few tries. Here are a few tips to CBD cooking to help you get started. 

Pay Attention to The Temperature

In order to reap all the benefits of CBD's healthy properties, it's important to not cook with temperatures that are too high. Cooking at temperatures over 350°F can reduce the effectiveness of CBD through the loss of terpenes, which are compounds in CBD that help to boost the effects of the cannabinoid. Heating up the CBD too much can also cause it to make your food taste more bitter. When cooking with CBD, make sure to keep the temperature under 350°F and do not place it over direct heat.

Start With Small Doses

When you're just starting to use CBD oil for cooking, you may want to start small and work up from there to find the exact dose that is appropriate for you. If you use too much, you might find that it can negatively affect the flavoring of your food. You may also be wasting the CBD oil if you use too much. Starting with small amounts of CBD and steadily increasing it with each dish can help you get more familiar and comfortable using CBD oil when cooking.

Mix The CBD Oil Thoroughly

No matter what you're cooking CBD oil with, you want to make sure that you stir very thoroughly in order to ensure that the CBD oil is mixed in evenly in the dish you're making. This will ensure that every bite you take will contain just as much pure CBD as any other bite to take full advantage of its potency.

Used More Refined CBD Oils

Less quality CBD oils tend to leave an aftertaste, which you might not find very palatable. Instead, more refined CBD oils that are highly filtered work well for cooking, no matter what type of dish you happen to be making.

Try to Use CBD Oil While Cooking Rather Than Using it as a Dressing Afterwards

While you can always drizzle your CBD oil over the top of your food after it's been cooked, it will taste a lot better if you use the oil while cooking. You'll be better able to achieve your desired flavors if you cook with the CBD oil rather than add it to your dish after the fact.  

Choose a High-Quality CBD Oil

There are many different manufacturers of CBD oil and their products are not all the same. While some products are of higher quality, others aren't. The type of hemp plant that the CBD oil is extracted from matters as does the extraction method. It would be a good idea for you to go with a lab-tested CBD oil concentrate in order to be able to accurately and safely measure the CBD oil to suit your desired dose for your recipe.

CBD certainly has its place in the medical sphere, and an increasing number of studies are backing up its ability to alleviate the dreadful symptoms associated with many different medical ailments. But on the lighter side of things, you can also have fun using your CBD oil. Try adding CBD oil in your dishes to get the benefits of this amazing cannabinoid while enjoying a flavorful meal or treat.

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