5 Professional Athletes Who Use CBD

5 Professional Athletes Who Use CBD - NanoCraft

In addition to using CBD as a means of treating or even preventing certain medical ailments, this cannabinoid is also being looked at as a means to improve athletic performance by some of the top athletes in the world.

CBD, or cannabidiol, oil already has mounting evidence to back up its potential to alleviate symptoms associated with some of the most severe medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. It's also been widely used to reduce anxiety and for pain relief in many users.

But those who are physically active and wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle are also using CBD oil products as part of their daily regimen, and some professional athletes are including CBD as part of their overall training regimes.

With increased acceptance of CBD comes a subsequent increase in research on the cannabinoid. And with each passing study comes a stronger case made for the use of CBD products to improve health and wellness, and athletes are just one group of people who are increasingly embracing its beneficial effects.

In fact, studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, alleviates pain, encourages alertness, supplies the body with vital nutrients, and even helps to treat brain injury, all of which athletes can certainly benefit from.

Here are just a few professional athletes who stand behind their use of CBD hemp oil to improve their athletic performance and their health. You can also read about how CBD vaping can help.

Derrick Morgan - NFL Linebacker

A professional linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Morgan recently shared the news that he uses CBD on a regular basis as part of his training regimen. He has used his public platform to tout the benefits of CBD, and has spoken with other NFL players about how the cannabinoid may be able to help them.

With continued use and ongoing research on CBD, Morgan chose to make his use of CBD public and has been advocating its use, particularly among the athletic community.

Football is widely known for its prevalence of concussions among players, which plays a key role in brain injury and trauma. After discovering the benefits of CBD on brain health and its ability to treat brain trauma, Morgan began to look further into CBD's role in protecting the brain against injury.

But Derrick Morgan is not the only NFLer to join the CBD oil for athletes campaign.

Eugene Monroe - Former NFL Offensive Tackle

Eugene Monroe, a former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle in the NFL, was the first professional football player in the league to tout the benefits of CBD and join the campaign. After retiring from the NFL in 2016, Monroe is still feeling the pain associated with the hits he'd taken throughout his career, especially from one specific concussion that he suffered in the 2015 season.  

He's the first NFL player to push for medical marijuana, and has vowed to continue to advocate for CBD into his retirement. As a much safer and effective alternative to opioids, CBD can provide similar effects without the threat of addiction which is much more common with pharmaceuticals.

Monroe is part of the 'When The Bright Lights Fade' campaign for CBD research and is calling for the NFL to remove cannabis from its list of banned substances, pour more funding into research on medical marijuana, and put an end to the overprescribing of addictive opioids. He strongly believes that cannabinoids are a much better alternative to pharmaceuticals to treat chronic pain.

He claims to use the hemp plant in several ways, particularly in topical forms to be rubbed into his joints that have been injured. He also likes to use a vape pen in order to feel the effects of CBD right away.

Marvin Washington - Former NFL Defensive End

Retired NFLer Marvin Washington may never have used cannabis while playing football in the NFL, but he now uses CBD oil as part of his regular routine to deal with aches and pains he continues to suffer long after retiring from the league. Washington is actually taking his support to legal levels and is part of the plaintiff group challenging the 1970 Controlled Substance Act that classifies cannabis as a schedule one drug.

Washington claims to use CBD oil in tincture form every day and uses CBD-based cream to rub into muscles and joints to relieve aches and soreness.

Yair Rodriguez - UFC Fighter

Yair "Pantera" Rodriguez is a UFC fighter who has claimed that his use of CBD oil has helped him to speed up his recovery time between training sessions. He is a mixed martial artist and Taekwondo black belt who currently holds a 10-2-0 record and won the featherweight fight on the television show "The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America."

Rodriguez regularly voices his support of CBD and its healing properties. The champion fighter strongly believes that CBD oil has been integral in his recoveries after particularly tough training sessions and improving his rest at night.

Nate Diaz - UFC Fighter

Nate Diaz is another UFC fighter who has stood behind CBD oil and its ability to heal after fights and training. He famously vaped CBD oil during a news conference last year after his defeat from Connor McGregor when the compound was still on the prohibited list by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

When asked what he was vaping, he told the media that he was taking CBD oil to help with the healing process and inflammation. He admitted to using CBD right before and after training sessions and fights.

Diaz has been a professional UFC fighter since 2007.

The research behind CBD continues to show benefits for those who are physically active, especially in terms of its ability to reduce pain and inflammation and even treat brain trauma that is common in contact sports like football and boxing. These athletes are blazing a trail for all other athletes who would stand to benefit from the use of CBD and are a voice of support for the inclusion of CBD and cannabis as part of legal substances in the world of sport.

CBD Product Overview

Whether you're a professional or amateur athlete, or just someone looking to alleviate pain, CBD products can be a great way to naturally relieve some issues associated with strenuous activity. NanoCraft CBD offers a variety of quality CBD products with different application methods. From CBD oil drops administered below the tongue, to CBD oil capsules in pill form, there is something for everyone. Athletes in particular can benefit from adding CBD water, CBD cream, or CBD powders to their fitness regimen to assist in recovery and pain relief.

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